All About Loft Conversions In The UK


One way to significantly boost the value of your property in the UK and add an extra living space to your home is to undertake a loft conversion. Planning permission is rarely required for a loft conversion, making this option even more appealing. The loft conversion process involves bringing lower level floors up to the front of traditionally higher levels of houses, which usually involves excavating a part of the property, adding a staircase, then connecting the two floors by means of ‘loft’ beams. The loft will feature all the features of a normal house, with the addition of a new room above, allowing the loft conversion to be turned into a study, a media room or a bedroom. See This –

How To Turn Loft Conversion Uk Into Success

Roof dormers are a popular solution to a loft conversion in the UK, particularly in coastal regions, due to their durability and flexibility, as well as their being highly flexible when it comes to designing the loft. Typically, loft dormers have their roofs extended to a greater extent, so that they are able to feature more open floor space. The additional space provided by a roof dormer is often used as a bathroom, but can also be put to a number of other purposes, including additional storage space, an alcove for an art studio or even a dedicated craft room, in case you wish to turn the loft into something more. Some roof dormers are also open faced, offering the same great qualities as loft apartments, but with better access and views.

There are a number of factors you need to take into consideration before undertaking loft conversions, the first of which is the Building Regulations for England and Wales. This code is in place to protect the structural integrity of buildings and its occupants, and includes a variety of requirements such as building regulations for loft conversions and loft stairs. Before beginning any loft conversion it is therefore essential to check that the loft conversion is permitted in your area.

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