Botox Side Effects


side effect of botox

Botox is a medication that is used for many conditions. But it is also a drug that can cause mild side effect of botox In most cases, these side effects will go away within a couple of weeks. However, if they persist, they need to be reported to your doctor. If they become severe, they may need to be treated by emergency medical services.

A common side effect of Botox is pain or swelling around the injection site. This pain and swelling subside quickly, but it can be uncomfortable. To minimize bruising, avoid vigorous activity for 48 hours after receiving the treatment. Apply ice packs to the area.

One very rare side effect of Botox is tearing at the back of the eyeball. While it is uncommon, it can be serious.

If you have a nervous system disorder, you may experience more serious Botox side effects. These symptoms can include blurry vision, trouble swallowing, and double vision.

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People with bladder control problems should be aware that they may develop urinary tract infections after receiving Botox. You should always tell your doctor if you have any bladder-related problems.

Occasionally, people experience flu-like symptoms after having Botox. These are caused by the body trying to adapt to the toxin. The symptoms should subside after you receive additional Botox treatments.

Some Botox side effects may result in a droopy brow. The drooping may go away after a few weeks.

Another Botox side effect that is more common is increased pressure in the eye. This can result in edema (swelling).

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