Canada Shrooms – Is Psilocybin a Legitimate Therapeutic Product?


Canada Shrooms

In Canada, where cannabis is gaining traction as a medicinal product and legalized for recreational use, the sale of magic mushrooms in storefronts and online has risen. This has raised questions about whether psilocybin (the psychoactive substance found in magic mushrooms) is a legitimate therapeutic product, or simply another drug to abuse.

The answers to these questions depend on the circumstances in which a person uses mushrooms. But regardless of the motivation, consuming psychoactive mushrooms carries risks and can have serious consequences. This article is meant to provide a guide for anyone considering the consumption of mushrooms or who may be facing a situation where their decision to consume is being challenged. URL

Mushrooms have long had a reputation as a “recreational” drug that can be used to experience altered perception, enhanced pattern recognition, and hallucinations. While this reputation persists, it is important to understand that psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in mushrooms, remains illegal in Canada under federal criminal law. Possession, cultivation, trafficking and export of psilocybin remain illegal without a licence or exemption from Health Canada.

Exploring the Legal Landscape: A Guide to Psilocybin Mushrooms in Canada

This summer, the Canadian government granted its first ever exemption under the Controlled Drugs Act to allow terminally ill patients to consume psilocybin-based mushrooms as part of psychedelic psychotherapy. The news followed a VICE World story about 67-year-old Victoria, B.C. resident Mona Strelaeff, who was granted an exemption allowing her to consume mushrooms to treat ongoing trauma. Her story inspired the creation of Therapsil, a Vancouver-based nonprofit that advocates for psilocybin as a legitimate treatment.

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