Ferrari Racing Car – Beauty And Engineering


A Ferrari racing car is a beautiful car, particularly if it’s red or black. The Ferrari racing car, like its racing sister cars, is a masterpiece of beauty, engineering and perfection. Designed by Pininfarina, the company that designed theatella, the Ferrari racing car has been an inspiration for much more cars, such as the Lamborghini Countach and the Mercedes SLS. Even though these automobiles are more advanced, they do not look quite as classy as a Ferrari. Go to this site

Tuning and maintaining these powerful ferrari racing car

Only four Ferrari P4-powered cars were produced: a third ex P3 model (08 46), a second new 330 P4 model and a first ex P2 model (08 44). All three were powered by the same Ferrari engine, utilizing super lightweight materials with high precision casting. Their three-valve DOHC cylinder head was inspired by those of Italian Grand Prix winning Formula One teams. In the case of the second Ferrari, the transaxillary variable valve lift cylinder heads were dropped in place of the conventional side-exit air curtains. The two exhaust pipes, positioned behind the cockpit in the front and on the top of the engine bay, serve dual purposes: they allow the exhaust to escape the bodywork and act as a water cooler for the engine by reducing pressure.

Because of their supreme craftsmanship, the Ferrari racing car has become a collector’s item for anyone lucky enough to own one. Some people trade their Ferrari for another once they’ve gone through all the hardship of ownership. Others enjoy running their Ferrari on the street, and driving around the corners in high-speed races just for the sheer thrill of watching such a car do what it can’t otherwise do.

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