Grand Piano Vs Baby Grand Piano


The grand piano is widely used in orchestras as well as other types of ensembles and bands. The grand piano is a member of the family of “pedal grand” or ” Keyboard Grand Piano” models. The grand piano belongs in the genre of “pedal grand” pianos because it has a keyboard with keys arranged in a keyboard fashion. In addition, unlike the smaller models, which usually have regular legs and a thick body, the grand piano has legs which are rectangular in shape. Also, in contrary to the smaller models, there is not a wooden frame for the keyboard of the grand piano.

What Is the Term Baby Grand Piano?

Since the grand piano is larger than the smaller instruments, it also contains more hammers, levers and other components for producing grand piano sound. When comparing it with the smaller models, you can note that the overtones produced by the grand piano are richer, warmer and more profound. It is for this reason that professional pianist often use this type of instrument to create music that would not be possible on any other instrument. The grand piano has a wide dynamic spectrum, rich tone, varied tonality, rich resonation, and responsive response. Only when these different characteristics are combined can pianists be able to convey the complex rich sound expression which contemporary composers add to their works using the grand piano.

The baby grand piano, on the other hand, has a simpler design and is less expensive. The baby grand piano does not feature a keyboard, so the tonal quality of the instrument is less reliable than the grand piano, especially for beginning pianist or for those who want to obtain a wider musical spectrum. Also, the cheaper baby grand piano lacks the durability and quality found in the grand piano, although the cheaper instrument is still quite good in terms of sound reproduction. It should be noted that even though the cheaper piano lacks the durability and tonal quality the grand piano still remains the best choice for pianists at all skill levels because of the incredible expressive power and variety of its sound.

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