Is SoftwareKeep a Microsoft Partner?


is softwarekeep a microsoft partner

If you have been looking for a reliable software solution, then you should choose a software company that is a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are those companies that have earned the trust of Microsoft through rigorous testing. Their products, services, and expertise are tied directly to Microsoft’s business goals. In addition, they meet the highest standards of the partnership program, including working on Windows operating systems.

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SoftwareKeep, a Microsoft partner, offers many excellent products for your computer. The company aims to provide consumers with the latest and best software with the best prices. Microsoft partners are required to provide the best security and quality to their customers. They also offer the most cost-effective software solutions for Windows. Moreover, these partners guarantee to ship their products within 24 hours of purchase.

Softwarekeep com reviews has joined the Microsoft Partner Network and is a Microsoft Certified Partner. As an MCP, they are authorized to sell and download Microsoft software products. Furthermore, they have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2016-09-30. Microsoft Certified Partners (MCPs) are companies that work closely with Microsoft to provide software and support to consumers. The highest level of MCP is Gold Certified Partner.

The Microsoft Partner Network is an official partnership program between Microsoft and its partner companies. The benefits of becoming a Microsoft Partner include special discounts on critical Microsoft technology, exclusive services, and the ability to officially sell Microsoft products. Moreover, companies in this program have access to Microsoft training courses and technical support systems. They may even get the same training as regular Microsoft employees.

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