Latest Trends in Statement Jewellery for Women


When it comes to jewellery, bold pieces of statement jewellery make a big impact. They stand out and draw attention to themselves thanks to their unique, asymmetrical designs or unusual materials. Whether it’s a chunky necklace or oversized gold earrings, these jewellery pieces have a powerful presence that speaks for itself. From vintage-inspired pearls to modern geometric silhouettes, here are some of the latest trends in statement jewellery for women. Check this out: Go here

Go Bold with Chunky Jewels

If you want to wear a standout piece of jewellery, chunky metal necklaces and earrings work well with monochrome outfits. From thick linked necklaces in golden brass to hammered bronze statement earring silhouettes, this is the type of jewellery that’s fun and bold but not too overpowering.

A hoop earring is another classic choice that works with most types of clothing and can be worn in different styles, from simple round studs to elongated oversized hoops. These earrings look particularly stunning when paired with a black dress or a white blouse, and can give your outfit a chic, regal appearance.

The asymmetrical, layered design of this jewellery type creates a sense of movement. This type of jewellery is usually a bit heavier than other types and looks beautiful with casual wear like jeans and a T-shirt. This style of statement jewellery is also easy to wear with your favourite pair of everyday glasses or sunglasses, which adds an extra level of sophistication to the overall look.

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