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Application form at TradingGator – Opening an eToro account is probably the best place to start if you are interested in forex training. eToro offers a comprehensive online demo account that will help you get started on your first free venture. eToro has covered every stage of how to open an eToro account and start trading in their forex demo account training tutorial. When looking for a good place to start, look for an online brokerage site that offers free forex demo registration. This way, you can practice all the features without risking any real money.

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When you have signed up for your free demo account, you may be able to access it through a series of 3 simple steps. First, you may be prompted to provide your name, email address, credit card number, and country. Once you have done so, click “Submit” button to register your details with your new online trading account. Finally, you will be shown your new account information and should be able to use it immediately.

The above process is demonstrated in video format in the video section. After you have completed these simple steps, what happens next depends on how you have chosen to open your free eToro account. Some people prefer to start trading their demo trades in eToro using their real money; others prefer to open a traditional retail forex brokerage account. If you follow the above instructions, you should end up either making a deposit in your trading account or receiving an email of confirmation that you have been accepted to open an eToro account.

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