The Future of the Finnish Gambling Market


With more players being allowed to operate in Finland, it would bring more options and competition for the country’s gamers. It could also help to keep gambling more responsible and safe as the market becomes more regulated. This is something that we have seen happen with online casinos in other countries, like Sweden and Denmark, that have had a licensing system for their gaming operators.

For years, finnish gambling license has justified its gambling monopoly by saying that it is the best way to prevent and reduce gambling-related harm and to protect the vulnerable. However, when the channelization rate drops below 50 percent – and we are now close to that mark – it is impossible to achieve that goal through the monopoly.

Gaming Legally: Navigating the Finnish Gambling License Process

The National Coalition party, which won the elections and is proponent of dismantling the state monopoly, will lead government negotiations on the issue. It has already made it clear that moving towards a partial licensing system that covers online casino games and betting is the direction in which Finland must move.

Being limited to select operators that only offer a few different types of games and bonuses, having your winnings and payments heavily taxed, isn’t something most Finnish gamblers are fond of. Fortunately, the EU free market is opening up and there are many new options that will allow Finns to enjoy gambling responsibly in an environment that takes their social effects into account. If they can do this, Finland might just become one of the world’s leading gambling markets.

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