Waterproof Socks For Women


When you’re trekking, running or hiking and the weather turns ugly, waterproof socks for women are a necessary piece of kit. Designed to be worn on their own and beneath outer shoes and boots, they typically have three layers – an external layer that protects the sock from rubbing against the shoe, a waterproof breathable membrane which lets moisture out and an inner sock which wicks away sweat. Nylon and wool are the most common materials used in waterproof socks but there are also great options that use alternative fabrics.

Do waterproof socks keep your feet dry?

Waterproof socks are not nearly as breathable as regular socks, particularly when they’re covered in sweat and moisture from a long day outdoors so don’t expect your feet to stay completely dry if you wear them all the time. However, some of the best waterproof socks for women feature antibacterial inner layers to combat smelly and sweaty feet.

If you’re trekking, hiking or backpacking in very cold temperatures it’s worth buying a pair of thick waterproof socks for women that reach all the way up to the top of your calf. These are usually made from Merino wool which is much more insulating when wet than other synthetics such as nylon and polyester.

Most waterproof socks require a little more aftercare than your average sock so be sure to read the washing instructions carefully before you bung them in the machine (you don’t want your socks to lose their waterproof membrane). In general, it’s better to hand wash and leave them out to dry than put them in the tumble dryer which can ruin the waterproof properties of most waterproof socks.

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