What Is a Private Investigator?


You might need to work with an Orlando PI  is someone that is hired to investigate a variety of cases. Some of the most common cases a Private Investigator can take on include looking for missing people, conducting background checks on employees or potential employees, and assisting clients with personal injury and civil litigation cases.

While most people have a mental image of the stereotypical Private Investigator, working in this profession isn’t nearly as easy as it looks on TV or in movies. Most private investigators work from a dimly-lit and often cluttered office, and many of them have to deal with demanding and distraught clients.

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Getting into the field of Private Investigation requires that you have some relevant experience, and there are many ways to get this type of work experience. You can start by looking for jobs in law enforcement, the military, or collection agencies to gain some hands-on experience. Some private investigators also pursue four-year degree programs in criminal justice or political science to broaden their education. Obtaining a license to work as a private investigator is another requirement, and this will vary by state.

There are some things that a Private Investigator cannot do, and these can range from obtaining information without consent to breaking the law. For example, a private investigator cannot see information on someone’s bank account or financial records without the person’s consent, and they are not allowed to look at phone records without that same consent.

Moreover, a private investigator is not able to make an arrest. They can, however, document a crime that occurs and contact police officers to let them know about it.

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