What You Need to Know About Office Suite Pricing


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An office suite is essentially a set of software designed by the same company and designed to be used exclusively for regular, routine tasks in an office. In most cases an office suite contains software like word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, web access, email, task listing and other similar applications. Office suites differ greatly from stand alone software as they usually come with specific configurations aimed at meeting the requirements of a particular type of company. Usually the configuration will depend on the size of the company and how much work is required per day or week.

What You Need To Know About Office Suite Pricing Shortcuts – The Easy Way

For instance if your company consists of ten people who do regular job and office work, you will need different word processing and presentation applications compared to one person who does contract work for an hourly rate. You will need separate spreadsheets for accounting and financial purposes, and collaboration tools that allow employees to work together in teams. Similarly the office suite you install should have several document storage devices in order to meet the training requirements of each employee without duplication. In fact, most productivity software includes applications for social media like blogs, discussion forums, wikis and calendars.

To get an idea of how much work your employees do per week, you can crunch numbers on the number of work hours by department. The value of an office suite depends on how well it integrates with existing systems and the available web apps that the company already has installed. If you are planning to re-install the whole office suite, do this before you start installing any web apps as you need to test compatibility and functionality. Also look for web apps that help in productivity, cost saving and time management. One example of a good web app is Basecamp which integrates with many other apps and helps manage projects, contacts, tasks and calendars. Look for other applications that have the same purpose as yours so that you can save time for other tasks.

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