4home inspectors Wilmington – Choosing a Home Inspector


4home inspectors Wilmington – A home inspection, also known as a home inspection report, is a comprehensive, non-invasive inspection of the physical condition of a property, usually in connection with a real estate transaction. Many homes undergo thorough inspections to ensure the safety and security of the occupants. Home inspectors are often employed by an independent licensed real estate agent who possesses the proper licensing and credentials to perform these inspections. In fact, most of these inspectors work for a home seller himself.

4home inspectors Wilmington – Questions to Ask During the Home Inspection

Home inspectors are required by state law to have the necessary training and certification to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Most states have requirements about how the inspector should perform his duties, including what he should examine and what he should not examine during the inspection. Some states require the inspector to evaluate the structure and components, while others only require that he review the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems.

Other states allow the inspector to review the roof, floors, doors, windows, and other visible parts of the property, but require that he examine other aspects of the property, as well. The inspector must make certain the roof, floors, and other visible parts are functioning properly or that they could cause serious injury or death to the occupants.

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