4home inspectors Wilmington – Types of Inspections


There are several types of inspections that are performed by a 4home inspectors Wilmington. In addition to general foundation inspections, he may be asked to perform a complete roof or attic inspection. He may also be asked to check the exterior of a home for damage caused by weather. Home inspectors are able to provide a visual assessment and advice on whether or not repairs will be necessary and what type of repairs will be best.

4home inspectors Wilmington – Performing a Home Inspection

Another inspection performed by a certified home inspector is to inspect the interior of the home. He will evaluate the general condition of a house, look for damage caused by pests and termites, look for cracks and crevices, and areas of concern and suggest solutions to those issues. There is some concern about the quality of carpets and rugs when they are placed inside a home.

An acoustical testing method involves listening to sounds inside the home through instruments that produce different frequencies. He or she will listen to different frequencies of low frequency sounds and compare it to sounds made from the same frequency.

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