AC Tune Up – A New Vista, NV Company Offers AC Service


The AC Tune Up Henderson NV Company offers all kinds of air conditioning systems and parts. Their air conditioners are AC equipped with an electronic control that can be remotely operated from a specified location. They have a variety of systems including remote control, window, central air, along with battery recharging, remote controls with memory and automatic choke back systems for all types of air conditioning units. AC Tune Up Henderson Nev is committed to customer satisfaction and has signed an agreement with the Better Business Bureau.

AC Tune Up – A New Vista, NV Company Offers AC Service

There is also an emergency call system that allows you to connect your air conditioner to your home phone so when you have an emergency, the company will automatically dial your cell phone. This is one of the features that makes it easy to operate and gives you peace of mind. This service is also helpful because if there is a power outage, the company can supply you with electric power to your air conditioner so that you can continue to work and live your life normally.

AC Tune Up Henderson NV was started in 1998 by Richard J. Taffin and Richard F. Cairns. They started with one air conditioning unit and today they have four different air conditioning units. They have taken great care to provide you with a company that is experienced in its field and also has received a great rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can trust them to serve your air conditioning needs.

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