Bow Tie Dog Collar


There are many types of dog collars and harnesses out in the market today, and among these, there is a very popular collar known as the bow tie dog collar. This unique collar was first created in the 1970s and is still being used by many breeds of dogs, mainly those with short and wagging necks and heads. It is usually worn on top of a dog’s harness or leash. Here are the details of this amazing collar.

Here Is What You Should Do For Your Bow Tie Dog Collar

bow tie dog collar

Makers. Most of these bow tie dog collars are made from cotton or polyester, and some are even made of real leather. However, besides that, having the most stylish bow tie dog collar also adds certain style points to your dog. Whether you choose a collar with an adjustable collar, or just the normal one, having this will surely make you and your beloved pet stand out as style experts.

Adjustable collars. There are two kinds of bow tie dog collars in the market today, and both have their own unique design, features, and functions. The first type is the regular, non-adjustable kind. These are usually made with a Velcro strap or with snap closures. While this kind of collar is more common among medium and large-sized dogs, it can also be used for small breeds, because its elasticity will allow enough space for the head to move freely.

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