Breathwork Instructor Course


breathwork instructor course

If you’d like to become a breathwork instructor, you’ll need to know the basics of functional breathing. Breath is the first autonomic function, and it can affect your body, mind, and personal potential in a variety of ways. You’ll learn both the science of breathing and practical application in this breathwork instructor course. The course includes videos that explain the various breathing techniques and is taught by expert breathing instructor Patrick McKeown. No previous experience is necessary, and you can complete the course in the comfort of your own home. Certification takes about 10 weeks.

Allow You To Complete The Course At A Time That’s Convenient For You

The schedule for a breathwork instructor course is the same across all programs, but the subjects change. Make sure you’re comfortable with English, and be prepared for a full day of classes. You should also have some meditation experience, and be able to sit quietly for one hour. Then, you’ll have to teach your students the breathing techniques you learned in your training course. If you’re a complete beginner, take the course with a yoga instructor or breathing instructor.

A breathwork instructor course is an excellent way to learn about this powerful practice. You’ll learn about ancient breathwork techniques, the physiological impacts of breathing, and the latest scientific research on the effectiveness of breathwork. Additionally, you’ll learn about safe entry into the energy field, the use of touch, and the importance of integrity. The course’s website is user-friendly and the units are clearly laid out. There are many components, so it’s easy to learn the basics in this breathwork instructor course.

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