Finding the Right Comfortable Pillow For Your Sleeping Position


When it comes to pillows, there are many different styles, shapes and qualities of comfortable pillow that people can choose from. While ninety-eight percent of Americans admit that a comfortable pillow is vital for a good night’s sleep, just over eight percent say that it is hard to find a comfortable pillow in stores. Most cheaply made pillow varieties fill the shelves with inferior fillings, cheaply-manufactured polyester or other mass-made materials that never soften, fluff or even fully stop their seams. Read more –

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Finding the Right Comfortable Pillow For Your Sleeping Position

In fact, many pillows are designed so that they will make sleeping harder by trapping body heat instead of providing support to a person’s neck and spine. This can be extremely detrimental to your health as heating your body through the use of an uncomfortable pillow may lead to health problems over time. An advanced “memory foam” pillow claims to solve this problem, as its individual cells compress and expand according to the position and weight of a person’s head, relieving neck and back pain as well as making sleeping more comfortable.

A side sleeper is a common problem among Americans who sleep on their backs. Unfortunately, sleeping on one’s stomach may not allow one to properly support their body while sleeping and can contribute to snoring. By elevating a side sleeper’s head and shoulders, more support can be given to their spine and head and fewer muscles will relax and sag, causing airways to block and causing snoring to occur.

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