How to Apply For Seva Sindhu Service Plus


To apply for the Seva Sindhu service, you must go to the official website. There, you should click on “Apply here for Inter-District Epass for Industries”. If you are using a newer version of the site, you need to register first. You will receive a login id and password. To register, you should enter your details and upload all necessary documents. Then, you can proceed with the application.

The Best Way To How To Apply For Seva Sindhu Service Plus

You can search for service centers from the Seva Sindu portal. You can search for service centers by district, taluka, Kiosk name, phone number, and address. By providing these details, you will be able to easily find the service center nearest to you. Moreover, you will also be able to check the status of your application. If the application is successful, you will be sent an SMS to keep you informed of its progress.

When you are satisfied with the status of your application, you can click on “Login” to access your account. Then, choose “Check Your Application Status” from the menu. This will ask you for your login ID and password. Once you have provided your credentials, you can log in and begin using the service. Once you have made an account, you can choose your desired services and apply online. When you’re ready, visit the Seva Sindhu website and check for the status of your application.

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