How to Get Rid of BV Naturally


how to get rid of bv naturally

BV is an infection that can lead to many problems. It causes a fishy-smelling discharge that is white to gray in color and can make you feel itchy or irritated. Symptoms can get worse around the time of your period or after you have sex. You can also have pain or itchiness in your vagina. This link:

If you are pregnant, it is very important to get treatment for BV because it can cause pregnancy problems and harm your baby. It can increase the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester, and may cause low birth weight.

Antibiotics are the most common way to treat BV. They are safe for most women and are effective.

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Probiotics, which are live bacteria found in some foods and supplements, may help restore balance to your vaginal microbiome and stop the spread of BV. You can take these supplements or eat yogurt to keep your vaginal flora healthy.

Boric acid, a powdery substance that can be used to make suppositories inserted into the vagina, can also help prevent BV and reduce symptoms. However, this remedy has not been studied for a long time and you should talk to your doctor before using it.

Tea tree oil is another herb that may help relieve bv symptoms. Studies have shown that tea tree oil is less likely to cause side effects than antibiotics and can be applied directly to the affected area.

Apple cider vinegar is another popular home remedy for bv. It has been reported to reduce odor and to eliminate signs and symptoms of BV, but it is not proven to work as well as metronidazole. It is also known to cause irritation in some people, so you should not use it on your own without a doctor’s advice.

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