How to Make Kratom Drink Tea


kratom drink tea

The kratom plant is a tropical tree with leaves that can be chewed or made into tea. It has been marketed as a treatment for pain, anxiety and depression and to help ease opioid withdrawal. But there’s no scientific evidence supporting these claims, and the FDA has sent warning letters to sellers making health claims about kratom. Read more

Researchers are studying kratom’s potential medicinal properties, but the research is in its early stages. Medicinal chemist Christopher McCurdy, who is working on kratom at the University of Florida, says that when kratom is eaten orally, it interacts with receptors in different parts of the brain to produce effects like energy and pain relief.

Kratom Tea Recipes: Creating Delicious Blends at Home

To make kratom drink tea, you can whisk the powder into hot water or add it to a herbal tea bag and steep it in boiling water for five to seven minutes. Some tea drinkers add a sweetener to the brew to help mellow out the bitterness of the leaf. Other users prefer to brew the leaf into a thick paste, which they then take by mouth to suck on.

Whether you’re brewing the tea or taking it by itself, be sure to wash the kratom thoroughly before use. Bacteria and mold can grow on kratom leaves that aren’t thoroughly washed before picking or that have collected moisture during the long journey from Southeast Asia to your cupboard. If you want to avoid these problems, buy kratom that’s been lab-tested for pesticides, heavy metals and pathogens. Reputable sellers will be happy to show you the full report on request.

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