How to Reduce Food Miles

miles food

Miles Food is an organization that strives to promote sustainable agriculture and organic farming methods. They have launched a campaign called “Miles to the Future”, where they promote the concept of “food miles.” Food miles is the space food travels from the point of production until it arrives at the customer. Food miles are basically one factor considered when examining the environmental impact of your food, like the carbon footprint.

Food Miles

Food miles have always been considered a controversial topic but with today’s environment being so sensitive, the idea of a sustainable product can be more accepted by consumers. Food miles can include anything from fertilizers and pesticides used in the fields to the transportation of the finished product. It can also include any changes made after the processing stage.

One example of the way that you can reduce the amount of food miles that are taken away is to purchase your produce locally. By purchasing it from a local farmer, you can guarantee that the food is fresh and organic and not contaminated. Another example of a sustainable food is one that is grown without chemical pesticides or antibiotics.

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