Lift Refurbishment and Modernisation


Lift refurbishment involves upgrading the mechanical and electrical components of a lift to improve safety, energy efficiency, ride quality and interior finishes. This can be done for all types of lifts including passenger, goods and service lifts. This is generally seen as a more cost effective and efficient solution than replacing an existing lift with a new one.

Regular lift breakdowns can be costly for flat owners in terms of call out costs and repair bills. This is often a good indicator that it is time to consider a lift refurbishment or modernisation project as replacing worn-out components can lead to long term cost savings in maintenance and energy costs.

Many older lifts are not compliant with current EN 81-28 standards which can increase the risk of being stuck or unsafe for passengers in the event of a failure. Lift refurbishment can include updating the interlocks, overspeed governors and emergency lighting to bring a lift up to date with compliance requirements.

Renewing Your Lift: Exploring the Process of Lift Refurbishment

Other reasons for lift refurbishment include reducing energy usage, improving ride quality and upgrading the interiors of a lift car to match a building fit-out or to suit changing user tastes. Other common options are to replace the door openers with newer units which will offer a better, safer and more comfortable experience for users, and to install a digital multimedia screen to communicate flat information, advertising or events.

When the time comes to carry out a lift refurbishment or modernization, a specialist independent consultant must be involved at all stages of the process. They can comment on all the paperwork and technical documentation and make regular site visits to ensure the contractor is meeting the specification and project expectations.

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