Meet Positives – Dating With a Sexually Transmitted Disease


meet positives

Meet positives is a service that’s dating positive to helping those with a Sexually Transmitted Disease have an easier path to finding a new partner. It also tries to help people understand some of the misconceptions that often surround dating someone who has an STD.

If you have herpes, herpes 2, or any other sexually transmitted disease (STD), you’ve probably experienced a lot of stigma around dating and found it difficult to connect with potential partners. There are millions of people worldwide who live with herpes, genital warts, HPV, HIV, and other diseases that can be transmitted through sexual activity, but they don’t let their diagnoses define them.

Dating with Confidence: Tips and Advice for Using Meet Positives Effectively

STI-focused dating apps are a way for people with herpes and other STDs to meet others without the awkwardness of needing to have “the talk” upfront. Many of these sites and apps also offer community support and success stories to help people find connection. And, since everyone on these sites is aware of their herpes or other status, they all know that it’s OK to be open about herpes or other STDs.

The best way to make great 1:1s happen is with preparation and planning. This means writing an agenda before each meeting and training your team on how to have effective, productive meetings of all kinds. It’s important to avoid turning 1:1s into status update meetings and focus on what matters most for your employee and the business. This might mean flagging roadblocks, providing feedback, or discussing upcoming projects.

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