Qualifications for a Career As a Concrete Master


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Concrete Masters is an established Ready-mixed Concrete company committed to providing safe and quality products to the construction industry. The organization is also committed to implementing an Integrated Management System that ensures the safety and well-being of its employees as well as the community and environment in which it operates.

Qualifications for a career as a concrete master

To become a master concrete, you need to complete an apprenticeship program that includes on-the-job training, technical training and certification exams. Apprenticeship programs vary from province to province, but generally involve three 12-month periods of study. The apprenticeship program involves classroom studies and on-the-job training under the supervision of a certified concrete finisher, called a journeyperson. Once you have completed the program, you receive a journeyperson certificate and may write an Interprovincial Exam to get an Interprovincial Standards’ Red Seal, which allows you to work anywhere in Canada.

Concrete Mastering: Exploring the Art of Mix Design

CSI – Material and Product Manufacturers

A CSI section is an organized database that lists a wide range of manufacturers relating to a particular product or material. CSI sections contain information on the latest product and material trends, including CAD files, BIM objects, specifications and more.

CMi – Construction Materials and Equipment

CMi, a ready-mix concrete company in the Philippines, was established to support the concrete needs of the construction industry with a commitment to safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health as well as to engage all its employees through consultation and encourage them to participate in the implementation of an Integrated Management System that complies with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The organization is also committed to providing products and services that are compliant with all applicable statutory, regulatory and compliance requirements and that comply with the concept of sustainable development.

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