Review of Havaianas Flip Flops


Havana flip flops | Flop Store – The other day, I was talking to an older woman who had recently purchased a pair of Havaianas for a family vacation and was quite surprised at how comfortable and stylish they are. She indicated that they are about the same as Old Navy, which I love, and she was quite pleased that her kids would be able to wear them on their next camping trip. When I brought up the question of purchasing flip flops for kids for their vacation to Hawaii, she told me that it was a great idea because kids love flip flops and it’s not like we can take them off to go swim. Now then, I’m not exactly sure why kids don’t enjoy going to the beach more than they used to but that’s just my own personal opinion.


I also mentioned to her that the reason I love Havaianas is because of their soles, and she said that there is a reason that the brand is so well known. I have a hard time believing that because the sole is a little on the narrow side that they can’t get the style and fashion numbers that other companies have, but apparently that is what is going on with havaianas flip flops. Some companies make them with real sandals in them, some have real leather straps, and some just use thin plastic. Regardless of the materials, havaianas are supposed to provide traction and durability that you won’t find from other brands so they get a pass for being a little flimsy.

Another problem with havaianas flip flops, and I have them in my closet and I have them running through my gym bag, is that they are not made to take a lot of abuse. I have fallen on my feet a couple of times while wearing my pair and the rubbery material of the soles is uncomfortable. They do make good trainers, but if you are looking for a solid, comfortable shoe when you’re on your feet most of the time, then you won’t go wrong with a pair of havaianas. If you want something that you can wear out on the town when you feel like getting dressed up, you should probably consider buying a pair.

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