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edible guide

Food is a big part of any travel experience. It can tell a story about the landscape, culture, and people of a place on a single plate.

But edible guide in the wild can be dangerous. You need to be careful with what you eat and learn how to identify wild edibles before you go foraging.

There are many books out there that will help you learn how to identify plants and what part of the plant is safe to eat. Some are just simple how-to books and others cover more specific aspects of identifying and using wild foods, like recipes and how to make jams and other food from them.

The Edible Guide is a pocketable field guide that includes characteristic photos of thirty-seven (37) common edible wild plants in the temperate zones of North America. It has detailed information about what each plant looks like, including flowers, stems, leaves and fruits.

Delicious Edibles You Need to Try Today: A Beginner’s Guide

It also includes info about the regional variations of each plant, and how to process it for eating. The book is perfect for novice foragers or those who want a comprehensive resource for learning to safely identify plants and preparing them for eating.

If you are interested in creating a garden that is both beautiful and functional, consider adding edible landscaping to your yard. It will be a rewarding way to bring homegrown foods to your table and improve your health.

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