Using a Private Blog Network to Boost Your SEO Rankings


private blog network

At some point, someone figured out that it was a private blog network to buy expired domains with established authority and use them as a basis for a private blog network (or PBN) that would then provide a large number of backlinks to one “money” website. This, in turn, would make that website appear much more popular and authoritative to search engines and boost its rankings as a result.

PBNs violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can be punished with harsh penalties. However, many SEOs continue to use them because they are effective at driving short-term rankings improvements. The problem is that Google is getting better at detecting PBNs and penalizing them, so those rankings gains are often short-lived.

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Moreover, it is difficult to build a successful PBN for SEO purposes on your own because you need a lot of time and money in order to acquire high-quality domains and maintain them in operational stealth. You also need to invest in writing high-quality content to avoid footprints and ensure that your backlink profile is natural.

It is recommended that you use PBNs only as a part of a comprehensive link building strategy. They should only represent a small percentage of your overall link profile, no more than 5% or 20%, and they should only be used to support the links coming from editorial, business listings, branded properties, and niche blogs/forum comments. Otherwise, you are taking a huge risk with your website’s future. You could end up paying the price in the form of a severe Google penalty that will sabotage all your other efforts and lead to your site’s demise.

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