Weedsmart Review


Weedsmartis one of the best mail-order marijuana dispensaries in Canada. They offer a wide range of high-quality products, and their prices are very reasonable. They also have excellent customer service. In addition, they offer many promotions and discounts. Their reward program is a great incentive for new customers. For example, new customers can get 3 g of free weed with their first order.

What is the brand name for weed?

The WeedSmart podcast returns for another fortnight as we whip around the cropping regions to catch up with growers and agronomists. This week we’re in the Central Region with Russell Zwar from Wirrabara. He and his family farm on 2000 hectares, utilising zero-till, strip and disc farming systems. Their main problem weed is ryegrass, and he’s been using the WeedSmart Big 6 ‘mix and rotate’ strategy to manage resistance.


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