What is Kitchen Extractor Cleaner?


kitchen extractor cleaner is an odourless, non-toxic cleaning solution which safely removes grease, grime and food particles from the inside walls of kitchen ducting, fans, vents and extractor hoods. This process also includes the cleaning of filters, degreasing and sanitisation of the entire extraction system. This helps to reduce the risk of a fire in commercial kitchens and also improves general kitchen hygiene levels.

Cooking creates steam which needs to be ventilated. Without an extractor fan steam will build up as condensation, causing mould and creating the perfect environment for bacteria which can cause a range of health issues. Extractor fans help to keep steam, fumes and odours to a minimum and protect the kitchen and its occupants.

The Importance of Kitchen Extractor Cleaner: A Guide to Cleaner Air

Extraction fans work by sucking up smoke, fumes and grease leaving a clean and odourless cooking space. However, if the extractor fan isn’t cleaned properly the grease and grime will be released back into the kitchen creating bad smells and increasing the risk of a fire.

It’s important to clean your extractor fan regularly, this can be done at home with a simple sponge and warm soapy water, but you should always hire an Clean specialist to ensure that the process is carried out safely, using no caustic chemicals which can damage the system. Ideally you should clean the aluminium filters in your extractor fan every 3 months, or more frequently depending on use and you’ll need to replace paper and charcoal filters every 6-12 months.


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