Why Choose Aluminium Roller Shutters Melbourne, Australia?


At Larf Roller Shutters we have been supplying high quality exterior shutters and window shutters to businesses, homes, shopping malls, parks and tourist attractions throughout Australia. We offer custom made roller shutters and horizontal blinds with a large variety of options for interior shutters as well. These exterior shutters and blinds can be designed and installed by professional shutter and blind installation specialists or by do-it-yourselfers. For added flexibility, we also have mobile shutter units that can be transported anywhere in the country. See Website for More information.

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters Melbourne is a small company based in Melbourne, Australia which is dedicated to providing customers with affordable, high quality roller shutters. Our company uses only the highest quality of aluminium and other materials to manufacture all our products. All our shutters and window coverings are delivered to our clients in time for them to install by local, experienced shutter and window curtain installers. At this time, we have three manufacturing plants in caloundra, Sydney and Norfolk. All our shutters and blinds are manufactured here in Australia using the same high standards of manufacturing that has made us a successful business for over 12 years.

Many of our clients in Melbourne and surrounding areas use our aluminium roller shutters and blinds in their homes and businesses. These custom made, durable, modern window accessories give them the added protection against the damaging rays of the sun, the blowing sand and the frequent slamming of doors and windows in their establishments. Most aluminium roller shutters are available in various finishes such as gloss, matte finish, beech, oak and natural wood. The variety of colours available in these aluminium blinds and shutters is second to none, making it easy for any establishment to match its colour scheme with any existing decor.

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