How to Get the Most From a Diesel Tune


diesel tuning

Willy’s workshop you’re going offroad or just cruising, a diesel tune is an excellent way to maximise the performance of your vehicle. By altering certain ECU settings, we can optimise your diesel engine for the way you’ll be using it.

With modern diesel engines, fuel mapping is done by the ECM to control cylinder pressure, air flow and timing of each cylinder. This is very important to ensure that your engine can meet emissions requirements and maintain proper power levels under different conditions. A remap takes this map and increases it to provide a better power delivery, reduced turbo lag, more torque and better fuel economy.

\Maximizing Power and Efficiency: The Science of Diesel Tuning

This is a great way to get more from your diesel engine, however, it’s essential to work with a reputable technician who understands the finer points of tuning your diesel engine. If not done correctly, you’ll experience a reduction in fuel efficiency and the possibility of engine damage, both of which are completely avoidable.

With all of the misguided advice and myths floating around, it’s important to work with a reputable company who knows your vehicle and can make adjustments that will be safe for your engine and emissions system. We have a wide range of quality diesel tuners that will safely unlock your engine’s potential and give you a much-needed boost in power, speed and torque. We can also work with you to help install other diesel performance upgrades such as intakes, exhausts and heavy duty clutches to ensure that your diesel truck is performing at its best.

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