The Origin of yoga and kundalini


Kundalinis are thought to lie dormant inside the human body for about twelve thousand years. While this period may seem long, when you consider that humans have been practicing yoga for thousands of years, it’s actually not that long at all. To awaken the yoga and kundalini, the practitioner has to learn and use a series of yoga asanas. These asanas will help bring the Kundalinis to the surface of the body so that it can be awakened and energized. This can also be done with the help of meditation and other types of mental or spiritual practices.

Yoga And Kundalini Helps Connect the Physical and Spiritual Self

The first asana that is taught in the Kundalinis yoga practice is the mudra. This mudra is used to relax and open the body and mind. The media helps to unblock the energy pathways that lead to the various chakras of the body. As one works on this asana, he or she will then move further along the path of awakening the Kundalinis.

The second arena is the ahyang mudra. In this arena, the practitioner sits cross-legged and puts his or her hands together at the head and feet while inhaling and exhaling from the lungs. As this is done, the energy in the body will slowly move upwards and the mind begin to clear and relax. As the body becomes more relaxed and centered, the practitioner is able to open his or her mind to the higher planes of consciousness.

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