Volcano Hybrid Review


volcano hybrid uk

The volcano hybrid uk  is the latest iteration of this classic desktop vaporizer from Storz and Bickel. They’ve managed to improve the overall performance while also addressing minor issues that made previous models a bit cumbersome. This is now one of the most impressive vaporizers you can buy for your home. It can be used with dry herbs, waxes and resins – it has a special liquids pad for the latter. The device is easy to use and you can control it with a dedicated app.

The best thing about the volcano hybrid uk is that it allows you to choose between two different delivery systems. The traditional balloon system is still available of course, but you can also opt for the contemporary rotatable tube that offers ultimate flexibility. It essentially turns the Volcano into a hookah, allowing you to draw your vapour directly from the chamber itself – this is a really cool way of enjoying the elite flavour production that’s offered by previous Volcano editions.

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer: Elevate Your Vaping Experience in the UK

The other major improvement that’s been implemented in this new model is the improved heating technology. Whereas the Classic relied on convection to heat your material, this one uses a double helix heat exchanger for even faster results. This means that it can go from ‘off’ to ‘ready for use’ in less than 40 seconds! It’s almost unbelievable and makes the Volcano Hybrid much more efficient than the Classic. You can also see your temperature in real time on the digital display.

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